Privacy Policy

Nakatombetsu Tourism and Community Development Bureau recognizes that the personal information provided by visitors to this website is extremely sensitive information, and takes the utmost care to keep it safe. The details of our privacy policy are revised and improved as needed.
Your personal information will only be used to ensure that the information you receive is correct, helpful and of interest to you.

〇Scope of use of personal information

Personal information submitted by users is retained by our editing department and will never be disclosed or provided to a third party except in the event of a request from a public body such as a court or police department, or in the following cases:
For the purpose of sending the email magazine or other information.
Cases in which the user made a reservation via this website and their details need to be provided to the guide of the tour they have booked.
Cases in which the website needs to be improved to deliver a higher quality of service to users based on analysis of factors such as trends in usage.
Cases in which it is deemed impossible to identify users’ details from the results of the abovementioned analysis of factors such as user trends.

〇Changes to, deletions of and inquiries about personal information

If you wish to change or delete personal details you have registered, you can do this on our email magazine page. If you have any other requests or inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us.