Nakatombetsu Tourism and Community Development Bureau is an organization that attracts tourists by promoting areas of interest such as Nakatombetsu’s nature, culture, history, food and industries. We also carry out extensive community development to make Nakatombetsu a place that locals will think of with love and pride.
Nakatombetsu is a gateway to the Soya area and one of northern Hokkaido’s best spots for adventure travel. We make the most of our lush forest, abundance of clear rivers, Mt. Pinneshiri and the work of our people to make Nakatombetsu somewhere you’ll want to visit again and again.

Nakatombetsu Tourism and Community Development Bureau
October 1, 2018
72-7 Aza-Pinneshiri, Nakatombetsu Town, Esashi District, Hokkaido 098-5113
Naruyoshi Kobayashi

Nature of business

(1) Provision of tourist information and promotion of Nakatombetsu Town
(2) Collection of tourist information and related research and analysis
(3) Maintenance of tourism resources
(4) Formulation of strategies to promote Nakatombetsu as a tourist destination
(5) Attraction of tourists and new residents and maintenance of frameworks to handle them
(6) Creation of tourist products, development of services and related sales operations
(7) Execution of and cooperation in various tourism-related projects
(8) Training of personnel in the tourism industry
(9) Contracted administrative work or facility management and/or operation for regional public bodies
(10) Travel agency operations based on the Travel Agency Act
(11) Other work that is related to the items above or will be useful in fulfilling the purposes of this organization